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About The Anywhere Vet

We know that pursuing treatment for your pet's urgent illness or injury is already stressful and the recent COVID pandemic has only made things more complicated. With many primary vet appointments booked for weeks to months and prolonged wait times at the ER hospitals, it can be difficult to find quality care for your pet in a timely manner.


Here at The Anywhere Vet, we strive to remove the inconveniences of these unexpected and challenging situations. We provide services to select locations across the Eastern Shore, so you don't have to cross the bridge just to wait for hours in an ER waiting room. By offering appointments for urgent issues as well as surgery and transport, The Anywhere Vet is continually growing to provide the utmost convenience and quality to pet owners.



Dr. Roberts and Holly began working together on emergency shifts in 2018 where they bonded over their mutual desire to provide high-quality, compassionate, and accessible veterinary care.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the veterinary industry experienced a surge in patient numbers. With general hospitals unable to keep up with the increased demand for wellness and urgent veterinary care, emergency hospitals started to become inundated with urgent and emergent cases. Experiencing this first hand, Dr. Roberts and Holly took their combined 25+ years of experience to design a business that creates a better experience for clients, pets, and veterinary staff alike.

From this dream, The Anywhere Vet was born!


The Anywhere Vet operates out of a 26' long, specialty-manufactured mobile clinic.

Striving to provide comprehensive urgent veterinary care, our clinic is equipped with a variety of diagnostic and treatment capabilities, including:

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  • Digital x-ray

  • In-house blood and urine analysis machines

  • Oxygen cage

  • Separate surgical suite with gas anesthesia and comprehensive patient monitoring equipment

  • A variety of injectable and oral medications

  • Cloud-based record-keeping system

The Anywhere Vet does not currently offer Wellness Care (including vaccines, flea/tick and heart worm preventatives, or health certificates). Check back for updates as our offered services may change in the future!


Paige Roberts, DVM

Co-owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Paige Roberts was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky where she got her first job in a vet clinic as a kennel technician in high school. She graduated from Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015 and has worked predominantly in small animal emergency medicine since then. In addition to urgent/ER medicine, Dr. Roberts has a passion for surgery and wild avian conservation medicine.

Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. Roberts enjoys hiking with her dogs (Quinley, Archie, and Chickpea), doing puzzles, traveling, and bird-watching.


Holly Conroy

Co-owner, Veterinary Technician

Holly, a Maryland-native, started her career in veterinary medicine as a kennel technician in 2007. She trained on the job to become a full-time veterinary technician and, in 2012 after acquiring a position in ER/ICU, she found that she had a passion for critical care. Since then, she has continued to take every opportunity to grow in her field. Holly has experience in many facets of veterinary medicine, including management, advanced nursing procedures, anesthesia, and intensive care.

Hollys fur family includes a pitbull, (Leo), French Bulldog (Kiwi), and Irish Sport Horse (Beau)! 

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