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Information for Veterinarians


Refer a patient for wellness, urgent care, or surgical services?

Please have the client fill out the appointment request form, located here.

Clients are asked to include their primary vet information on the intake forms so that we can send patient records to you after the visit.

Request patient transport services?

Click here or see below for details.

Something else?

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Patient Transport Services


We offer transport services between veterinary hospitals for critical patients requiring continuous monitoring and/or care, including:

  • Oxygen support

  • ECG and/or blood pressure monitoring

  • Seizure watch

  • Intubated patients

  • Patients receiving blood transfusions or continuous rate infusions

This service is available to veterinary hospitals within the Baltimore-Annapolis and Eastern shore areas.

Patient Transport Info

To request patient transport services, the referring veterinarian should call 410-443-4114 and leave a message. The message should include:

  • Referring veterinarian's name

  • Referring veterinary hospital name

  • Referring vet's phone number

  • Patient's name (first and last)

  • A very brief summary of the type of care/monitoring the patient would require (i.e., oxygen supplementation, etc)

  • The receiving veterinarian's office name and phone number

We try our best to respond to requests in a timely manner; response times vary. This service is subject to availability.

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